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Social media design, exhibition setup | 2023


Simon had the amazing opportunity in December of 2023 to visit Germany and work for the BBA Gallery in Berlin. BBA Gallery welcomes artists from all over the world to intern with them and show their work in their gallery.

Above photo credit: BBA Gallery


Simon arrived in Germany as BBA Gallery was wrapping up their annual Photography Prize event. This event is an open call for photographers from all around the world, with the top 25 entries being shown a the Kühlhaus in Berlin leading up to the jury's decision of a winner.

While he arrived on the tail end of this amazing event, Simon created graphics for the event's final stages, and helped package and transport photographs at the end of the event.


BBA's social media channel not only promoted their gallery and events—they promote the artists who work with them as well. These include artists such as Fran Forman, a 75-year-old photographer based in Maryland.

Simon helped create graphics for their social media channels promoting upcoming events at BBA, artists, and website bio images.


Images I created and sights I saw during my time in Berlin.

Image 3, 5, & 6 credit: BBA Gallery