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Laker Family Weekend

Laker Family Weekend is an annual weekend at GVSU where families of GVSU students can come and visit the Laker campus. Events such as football games, Dueling Pianos, and a 5k walk/run are held to get families and students alike involved on campus. I handled all the promotional graphics for this weekend, from print pieces to digital.

Social Media


SkateIDSA is the leading organization in all types of distance skating, from rollerblading to skateboarding. With such a niche hobby, it's hard NOT to hear about its governing organization! After years of hearing about the events they hold, Simon got it in my mind to design for them. A handful of emails later, and he became their official designer.

BBA Gallery

Simon had the amazing opportunity in December of 2023 to visit Germany and work for the BBA Gallery in Berlin. BBA Gallery welcomes artists from all over the world to intern with them and show their work in their gallery.


Under the Dome

Mental health is difficult, but talking about it shouldn’t be. Mental health is an issue for everyone, and it’s important we show the value of talking about it. With the Under the Dome Project, starting a conversation is as easy as picking up a book. In today’s technology-focused world, the Under the Dome Project utilizes printed materials to begin a discussion about mental health. As everything moves at a faster pace, it’s important to sit back, relax, and read. So, take a peek at Under the Dome Project’s graphic novel, and start your conversation today. Follow one man’s journey across space and desert planets on his search for peace and mental stability, as you begin your journey to find yours.


Like everyone in 2020, Simon was bored. The college he was attending had been moved virtually for an almost indefinite period of time, and he felt like there was nothing better to do. With all this extra time on his hands, Simon turned to comics. With the world on lockdown, he wasn't able to go out and buy them himself—he decided, why not make your own?


Simon wouldn't be the artist he is today without the doodles he does. This is a collection of drawings he's done that don't fit into a specific project.



This project was created to show off the new, dynamic brand system for Everyday Dexterity Convention. Skill toys are one of Simon's strange passions, so when one of his classes asked him to create a fictional convention based on them, he immediately jumped on the challenge.


Disconnect is a short film written and directed by Sophia Gafa, a film student from Grand Valley State University.

Photo Journals

Simon believes a good designer is a jack of all trades. He's had a fascination with photography since he was a kid—but hasn't picked up a camera since then. These photo journals are his experimentations with photography, as well as a documentation of the world around him.