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Social media, print, branding | 2023 - current


SkateIDSA is the leading organization in all types of distance skating, from rollerblading to skateboarding. With such a niche hobby, it's hard NOT to hear about its governing organization! After a few years of hearing about the events they hold each year, Simon got it in his head to join their team. A handful of emails later, he became their official designer!

Above photo credit: Joner Strauss


  • Becoming the flagship member of their Internship Program, starting the program right with a graphic design internship

  • Became a member of their board of trustees

  • Oversaw and helped create their College Program (in progress)

  • Participated in their annual 24 hour Ultraskate skate-a-thon


Going into 2024, SkateIDSA wanted a branding refresh—not a full rebrand, but some fun logos that could be used on stickers. This includes the roughly drawn sticker you see on the right.


This year marked a productive year for SkateIDSA, with a growth in membership, membership gifts and engagement. They showed this off in a 26-page annual report that documented all the ways they've expanded this year. And if you look closely, you can see my name a few times!


Since the COVID pandemic, SkateIDSA had to expand their virtual race series, the Le Tour de Longboard. As skaters raced against other skaters from around the world, only few came out on top. What does it mean to truly WIN a longboard race? To get a cool, laser etched coaster of course! After I designed these, they were hand engraved for the small handful of winners.


One part of their branding update going into 2024 was the idea of "Spreading Stoke." It's the skater version of the Golden Rule—get others excited about what you're excited about. What better way to do that than with your favorite Stoke Sauce brands?!

These SkateIDSA versions of brands such as Kikkoman soy sauce and Jif peanut butter appear on 2024's sticker pack and the Member T-shirt, shown on the right.